What expect from GoPro in 2023

GoPro released two cameras this year, skipping over the Max 2 in favor of its flagship Hero Black line. 

The biggest update this year was the Hero 11 Black. The action camera brought with it a new sensor with an 8:7 aspect ratio for vertical videos, HyperSmooth 5.0 with Horizon Lock for improved image stabilisation and a longer battery life in cold and moderate temperatures compared to the Hero 10 Black.

The brand also released a new cheaper, more streamlined model with the Hero 11 Black Mini.

While many camera manufacturers will take two or three years between each iteration, GoPro has a pretty snappy release timeline. The company has updated its Hero line on a near-yearly basis since its inception back in 2005 and we don’t expect 2023 to be any different.

Here’s everything you can expect from GoPro in 2023…

GoPro Hero 11 Black featured image

GoPro Hero 12 Black

One update we’ll likely see in 2023 is the GoPro Hero 12 Black. This is the camera that will take the Hero 11 Black’s place at the top of the line.

It’s a bit too early to determine what the Hero 12 Black will look like based on leaks and rumors as the Hero 11 Black has only just come out. However, if it follows the same pattern as its predecessor, we can expect the 12 to include the same rugged dual-screen design and 1720 mAh battery.

We’ll most likely see an update to GoPro’s image stabilization tech with Hyper Smooth 6.0 and the same wide sensor found on the 11.

GoPro could update its processor to the GP3, but this seems unlikely seeing as the company only made the jump to GP2 two years ago and there were four years between that and the GP1.

We could also see the video resolution upgraded from 5.3K to 6K (or even 8K) but we’ll have to wait and see if that happens.

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini front

GoPro Hero 12 Black Mini

GoPro announced its first “Mini” GoPro with the Hero 11 Black Mini, presenting a more affordable option for those who don’t necessarily require the screens or all the controls found on the standard camera.

Despite its pared-down design, the Hero 11 Black Mini is still incredibly powerful, offering most of the same features found in the Hero 11 Black. This includes the same larger sensor, durable build, 5.3K/60fps resolution and HyperSmooth 5.0 with Horizon Lock.

Assuming the Hero 11 Black Mini sees enough success in sales over the next year, we’d expect GoPro to release a Mini counterpart to the Hero 12 Black as well.

A gray GoPro Max camera held in hand

GoPro Max 2

One announcement that was rumoured for 2022 was the GoPro Max 2.

However, any remaining expectations that the sequel to the 360-degree GoPro Max would arrive this year were shut down on Twitter during the Hero 11 Black launch in September.

Going by this tweet, it certainly doesn’t seem as though GoPro has a Max update in the works.

That said, TechRadar spotted a patent back in July that could potentially bring the Max’s software up to speed with rivals in the 360 space, like Insta360.

The patent describes a feature that would automatically re-frame 360 footage into flat videos using AI and includes a diagram of a camera that looks a lot like the existing GoPro Max.

However, this is only a patent. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see if GoPro decides to actually implement the feature in its next 360 camera, along with if we’ll see that update in 2023.

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