Twitter Blue is back and will cost you more on iPhone

Twitter has relaunched the much-derided Twitter Blue subscription service, which arrives with one major change – a premium price for users who buy through the Apple App Store.

The service, which guarantees users a blue verification tick and several other perks, still costs $8 if you’re an Android users, but it’s £11 on iOS.


The reason for the discrepancy is the 30% cut Apple takes for the sale of in-app purchases via its own digital storefront. Twitter had prefaced this prior to resuming Twitter Blue memberships, which were paused following a slew of (often hilarious) imposters tweeting with blue ticks.

As well as the cherished blue tick, which will be granted as soon as Twitter has reviewed the account to ensure accurate identities, there are several other perks that may attract subscribers. Users will be able to edit and undo their tweets. There’ll be a new reader view with “less noise” while there’ll also be less adverts within the feed of Twitter Blue.

There’s a custom navigation which lets users select “what appears in your navigation bar, so you get quick access to the content and Twitter destinations you care about most” Twitter says in the blog post.

Twitter is also promising access to the most-shared articles from people you follow (and people they follow), while there’ll also be exclusive bookmark folders and custom app icons for Blue subscribers.

Twitter has acknowledge there will be some confusion about the blue tick, with there now being two means of acquiring one. Twitter also says gold ticks will be handed out to businesses, and grey ticks to governments.

“Now the blue checkmark may mean two different things: either that an account was verified under the previous verification criteria (active and authentic), or that the account has an active subscription to Twitter Blue,” it says in the post.

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Twitter Blue is back

Twitter Blue is back

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