The Huawei Watch Buds will store wireless ear buds under the display

Huawei is close to launching the most unique smartwatch in the history of the form factor, with the Huawei Watch Buds hiding a pair of true wireless earphones beneath a lift-up watch face.

The company has teased the launch in a Weibo post (see below tweet), but Huawei Central has published purported hands-on images of the smart timepiece ahead of its now-delayed launch.

Huawei had promised a launch event today (December 2), but that has been postponed and there’s no word on a rescheduled date.

The watch would enable users to just pop up the watch face and remove the earbuds to listen to audio content and thus would not require a separate carry case to store or charge.

The Huawei Watch Buds will store wireless ear buds under the display
Image credit: Huawei Central

The buds themselves would be replenished by the same battery that powers the watch, meaning the watch will probably require quite a large cell. There’s no word on the size of that battery or the any of the other specs at present.

It’s potentially an inventive solution from the Chinese manufacturer, depending on the execution. A lot would depend on the quality of the earphones themselves, as well as the impact on the physical footprint of the watch.

The hands-on images appear to show a very large watch face with quite a thick metal profile, perhaps a little larger than the Huawei Watch GT series of smartwatches. According to the report, it will arrive running the company’s own Harmony OS rather than Google’s Wear OS.

Would you be interested in a Huawei Watch smartwatch with built-in earbuds?

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