Tesla vehicles now function as gaming PCs

Tesla vehicles now function as gaming PCs

Tesla has announced the latest Model S and Model X cars have received an update bringing full Steam integration – meaning drivers can access their PC gaming (Tesla vehicles now function as gaming PCs) library when the car is parked.

The automaker says any game that has been verified for the Valve Steam Deck can also run on the large tablet-like display in the center of the display on the 2022 cars. That means around 6,000 games will be available via the new Steam app.

Tesla vehicles now function as gaming PCs

Because the car offers drivers data connectivity, they’ll be able to access cloud saves of games and pick up where they left off. Of course, users will need the Premium Connectivity subscription to access the cloud directly. Tesla boss Elon Musk promised the feature will come to older models in due course, while talking up the gaming experience with the Tesla sound system.

“Access the Steam store directly from your Tesla. Buy and play immersive games that have been verified on Steam Deck,” the release notes say. “With Steam’s cloud synchronization, resume your game from your Tesla or any Steam device. To access Steam, tap the Application Launcher > Arcade.”

The teaser video shows Cyberpunk 2077 – known for being one of the most demanding PC games out there – running on the display, with the driver able to connect via a wireless controller, while Musk says the integration also supports a keyboard and mouse.

The Steam functionality comes as part of Tesla’s Holiday Update, which also includes the arrival of Apple Music, enabling users to log in with their Apple ID via a QR code from the new Apple Music icon within the Application Launcher.

The Holiday Update also adds the ability to view the cabin camera from the Tesla app, so you can check on your dog, who is safely sat in the air conditioning. There’s also a message on the tablet that informs anyone of that fact, if they’re tempted to smash your windows. There’s also a new Light Show feature, which can sync-up more than one Tesla to display an “orchestra of light.”

Tesla says the update also includes the following features:

  • Control your garage door remotely using MyQ from your touchscreen
  • Emissions Testing Mode in the Tesla ap
  • Always show Rainbow Road
  • Make Zoom calls with the cabin camera
  • UI cards are back, including a new media card

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