Spotify HiFi : Can we dare to dream the wait ends in March 2023

The long-promised Spotify HiFi tier has been missing in action since the music streaming giant announced it was on the way in 2021. But there could be some light at the end of the tunnel.

Spotify is hosting its next Stream On event on March 8, where it is expected to announce new product developments. We would hope the company would update us on its CD-quality lossless tier, and perhaps announce when it might be available to patient subscribers seeking parity with Apple Music.

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Spotify HiFi

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The delay has been particularly pronounced, with many choosing to blame Spotify for taking its eye off the ball when it comes to music, amid its focus on other audio formats.

In the post announcing the live stream, there were no specific hints about Spotify HiFi, but given the company announced plans to launch the feature at Stream On in February 2021, it would be apt if the company finally confirmed it’s in the post a year later.

The last we heard from CEO Daniel Ek, there were issues with licensing with rights holders. Last year, he told investors: “Many of the features that we talk about and especially that’s related to music ends up into licensing. So I can’t really announce any specific on this other than to say that we’re in constant dialogue with our partners to bring this to market.”

The Stream On events began in 2021 and have been a means for Spotify to update creators and listeners on new developments, whether that’s in music streaming, podcasts or the most recent expansion to audiobooks.

In a blog post announcing the event, Spotify says the event is about helping creators create a global audience, build a community and engage with fans.

The company wrote: “During Stream On, we’ll share how Spotify is unlocking new possibilities for more creators than ever before so they can better connect with and build a truly global audience. We’ll also share the latest developments and tools to help more creators chart their pathways to success, get discovered by new audiences, build an engaged community, and connect with fans worldwide.”

The event will be streamed live on the company’s For The Record blog and via the Spotify YouTube channel. The company hasn’t announced a time yet, but is encouraging interested parties to stay tuned.

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