Portables are now faster than a PS5 thanks to Nvidia’s latest RTX 4000 laptop GPUs.

Nvidia has unveiled the new RTX 4000 GPU range for laptops, taking the performance of content creation and gaming portables to new heights.

The new mobile RTX 4000 family will be made up of several options at launch, including the RTX 4090, RTX 4080, RTX 4070, RTX 4060 and RTX 4050.

Every one of these laptop-friendly GPUs will be built upon Nvidia’s latest Ada Lovelace architecture, meaning that they’ll support DLSS 3.0 for AI-boosting performance, as well as Nvidia’s most efficient ray tracing technology yet.

Nvidia claims that RTX 4000 GPUs are 3x more power efficient than the previous RTX 3000 chips, with up to 4x the performance for the most demanding games and creation apps.

RTX 4000

With the improved performance efficiency, Nvidia suggests that 14-inch laptops equipped with an RTX 4000 GPU can deliver up to 2x the power of a PS5.

The new RTX 4000 chips will also flaunt some new Max-Q features, including the lowest voltage GDDR6 memory ever used, and tri-speed memory control that enables the GPU to dynamically switch to lower-power memory states in order to maximise battery life.

Laptops powered by an RTX 4050 will see a $999 starting price, while portables packing an RTX 4080 will cost at least $1999 at launch.

The entire range of RTX 4000 laptop GPUs will launch in February 2023, with a large range of manufacturers – including Alienware, Asus, Razer and more – already planning to use the chips in new laptops in the near future. Nvidia says the RTX 4000 chips will feature inside more than 170 different laptops.

We’re expecting to see many of these laptops announced during CES 2023 this week. We’ll be covering all of the biggest announcements, so make sure to keep an eye on Trusted Reviews.

Nvidia made a few other major announcements today, finally showcasing its new RTX 4070 Ti desktop graphics card, while also introducing the power of the RTX 4080 GPU to the cloud-streaming GeForce Now service.

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