The Newest Earbuds From Sennheiser Make Talks Clearer 2023

Though Sennheiser isn’t technically at CES, it’s announcing products that coincide with the consumer electronics trade show, and the latest is a true wireless to helps enhance the clarity of your conversations.

To be clear (ahem), the Conversation Clear Plus from Sennheiser is not (we repeat not) a hearing aid, but a wearable device that helps people understand the conversations that are happening around them.

This settings could be a busy restaurant or on a loud street, the Conversation Clear Plus looks and feels like a true wireless, featuring advanced speech enhancement technology that Sennheiser says sets a “new standard for speech-enhanced consumer wearable”.

It uses chip technology from parent company Sonova to enhance conversations and calls with the Sennheiser Automatic Scene Detection feature that analyses the noise level of the environment and “matches the speech enhancement level to their surroundings”.

Sennheiser conversation clear plus headsets

There’s also the presence of Active Noise Cancellation to help block noises and improve the clarity and intelligibility of conversations you’re having. You can also choose how much background noise you want to hear with the Ambient Awareness mode.

There’s support for an app, the Conversation Clear Plus app, that allows to user to tailor the wearable device’s audio performance to their preferences. There are three dedicated listening “scenarios” in Relax (to customize how much background noise to block), Communication and Streaming options for best performance clarity while streaming audio.

Battery life is quoted at nine-hours with the charging case delivering another 27 hours. Accessories provided with the earphones include a selection of ear adapters (or ear-tips) and ear fins to create the best fit. Bluetooth support is 4.2 and just to reiterate that this isn’t a hearing aid, there’s no support for the Auracast streaming technology that’s been introduced as part of the latest Bluetooth standard.


The Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus is priced at $849 / £749 / €849, with pre-orders starting January 5th and the device going on general sale from January 20th.

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