jumbo MacBook Air could arrive within months

jumbo MacBook

We’ve heard so many ‘Apple’s making a massive MacBook Air‘ rumours down the years, that it barely raises an eyebrow anymore.

It hasn’t happened yet, why would it happen now, right? The MacBook Air, by definition is designed to be ultra-portable so why would people want a 15.5-inch one?

Well, here we are yet again with credible reporting suggesting Hell may freeze over (Britain certainly has) and a 15-inch MacBook Air might finally happen.

jumbo MacBook

According to the often-reliable display technology expert Ross Young, the big MacBook Air might be here as soon as spring 2023 rocking a 15.5-inch screen. Interesting.

According to Mr. Young, Apple would make the 13.6-inch M2 model the smaller of the two, having long offered 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air machines. The 11-inch model was discontinued a good while ago though, leaving only a single option for Air fanciers.

Apple has since redesigned the MacBook Air chassis to be more like an iPad Pro with a more uniform thickness. That body might make the Air range better equipped to handle a larger display size in terms of the overall balance and durability of the device. The Apple Silicon architecture could have a hand in realising the larger-screened device too, given the revamped arrangement of the internals.

Apple just released the M2 version of the MacBook Air, which has a lineage dating all the way back to 2008. It was the biggest revamp of the range ever and brought massive performance and battery life improvements.

We gave the M2 version a 4.5 star review, with only the expensive starting price and limited color options holding it back somewhat. Our reviewer wrote: “The MacBook Air M2 (2022) is an exceptional laptop. It’s fast, packs a great display and has a sleek design that borrows the modern looks of its pricier Pro sibling and makes it a load more portable.

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