Eve smart home products are the first to officially support Matter

The Matter smart home era is officially underway for consumers, as the standard has started to roll out to several existing products from the Eve manufacturer.

The Eve smart home products Energy smart plug, Eve Motion sensors and Eve Door & Window contact sensor – all Thead products – are today receiving a firmware update to support the Matter standard, which is designed to ensure a level playing field and operability for the future of the smart home. The company says that all 14 Eve devices will eventually get the update, which is optional (via The Verge).

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Eve is an excellent flag bearer for the Matter standard, given that until now it has only supported the Apple Home standard – meaning it’s based on Apple’s HomeKit back end infrastructure.

To upgrade, users will need to have iOS/iPadOS 16.2 installed on their iPhone and iPad in order to upgrade their HomeKit devices. However, thereafter, there’ll be no need for Apple devices in order to use the Eve devices and control them regardless of which platform they prefer to use.

When those one-rival Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings ensure all of the Eve products being updated today will work across the standards.

The rollout is a precursor to a big 2023 for the Matter standard, after years of build-up in various guises. It has been co-created by all of the major smart home providers and we’re expecting all of the big smart home announcements at CES 2023 next month to have a focus on the Matter standard.

Eve had announced the plans to upgrade back in November, announcing: “The latest models of the smart plug Eve Energy, the contact sensor Eve Door & Window and the motion sensor Eve Motion have completed Matter certification. Starting December 12, iPhone users can upgrade those devices for free in the Eve app to grant every family member local and direct access from their preferred smartphone or voice assistant.

“The entire lineup of now 14 Thread-enabled Eve devices will receive free Matter firmware updates over time. Availability of Matter-certified Eve products in retail will start in first quarter of 2023. The Eve app, which has been available exclusively for iOS, will be complemented by a sister version for Android in the same period.”

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