Couple is saved from canyon by iPhone 14 crash detection and emergency SOS.

iPhone 14

On the same day that the iPhone 14 Emergency SOS rolled out to Europe, Apple’s satellite rescue system was proving its worth by saving a couple who drove into a canyon.

The Montrose Search and Rescue Team reports (via MacRumors) that on December 13, a young couple drove off the side of a mountain in the Angeles National Forest in California, dropping 300 feet into a canyon. At this point the iPhone 14’s Crash Detection system seems to have kicked in as intended, attempting to send out a distress signal.

When no mobile signal was present, the iPhone 14 used Apple’s new emergency feature to send out a request for emergency aid via satellite. Apple’s team of specialists then picked up the call for help and relayed the location of the victims to local emergency services. There’s footage of the ensuing helicopter rescue on the Mont rose SAR Twitter account.

The rescue team confirms that they were able to get “an accurate latitude and longitude for the victims” from Apple’s call center.

This isn’t the first incident of Apple’s new satellite SOS service being called into action. Earlier in the month, the iPhone 14 Emergency SOS satellite messaging feature recorded its first rescue when a snowmobiles got stranded in the Alaskan wilderness.

After hitting the US and Canada last month, the Emergency SOS system for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro rolled out to the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany on Tuesday.

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